Vegan For Life

The definitive nutrition guide for vegans, including essential information on protein and supplements, myths and realities of a plant-based diet, jump-start plans, and nutrient-dense menus.

Are you considering going vegan, but youre not sure how to start? Are you already committed to an animal-free diet, but are unclear about how to get proper nutrients? Vegan for Life is your comprehensive, go-to guide for optimal plant-based nutrition. Registered dietitians and long-time vegans Jack Norris and Virginia Messina debunk some of the most persistent myths about vegan nutrition and provide essential information about getting enough calcium and protein, finding the best supplements, and understanding the real deal about soy. Covering everything from a six-step transition plan to meeting calorie and nutrient needs during pregnancy and breastfeeding, Vegan for Life is the guide for aspiring and veteran vegans alike, complete with an easy-to-use food chart, tasty substitutions, sample menus, and expansive resources.




Publishers Weekly, 5/30/11 Armed with this compendium and a vegan cookbook, novices will make an easy, healthy transition to meat, egg and dairy-free meals, while practicing vegans can use it as a guide to the best food choices. Curled Up With a Good Book Whether you've been enjoying a plant-based diet for years or are just starting on the adventure, Norris and Messina will prove to be outstanding mentors. Even if you don't plan to eliminate meat and animal products completely, there's valuable information here about incorporating foods that help you fight disease, build the immune system, and feel better in general. Vegan for Life is one of those books that you'll pull off the shelf for inspiration and consultation time after time. Reno Gazette-Journal, 7/13/11 Simply amazing...Displaces Becoming Vegan as the definitive vegan nutrition book. JL Goes Vegan (blog),7/14/11 Vegan for Life is comprehensive in its use of research (and the authors explain how and why and which research they use) and it's laid out so simply that me, a non-researcher, totally gets it... If you're a new vegan, or a vegan who might be buying into the hype that a vegan diet is not sustainable, read this book. If you're a vegan who wants a quick resource at your fingertips or the perfect book to hand over to your vegan-curious family member or friend read this book. Library Journal, 7/15/11 This book explains everything one needs to know about going vegan. Comprehensive and succinct, it is a must-have for nutritionists and anyone contemplating a vegan diet., 7/19/11 Nutritionists Jack Norris, RD, and Virginia Messina, MPH, RD, fully explain what a vegan diet is, and how to avoid deficiencies of such important nutrients as protein, calcium, and iron. For those considering a vegan lifestyle but afraid that the diet won't keep them healthy, Norris and Messina have the answers... The advice is easy to follow, and can result in a longer, healthier life. Bookviews, August 2011 For those who, for whatever reason, intend to become vegans, this book will be helpful., 8/4/11 An effective primer for those just starting to live as vegans and those interested in trying the vegan lifestyle but uncertain about its potential benefits. Tucson Citizen, 8/8/11 Delicious nutrient-dense menus., 8/11/11 Awesome...A common-sense guide to eating a healthy and varied plant-based diet...If you are vegan or vegetarian, you should get-and read!-Vegan for Life., 8/13/11 It's a quick, easy, informative read., 8/15/11 A densely-packed treasure chest of nutritional information for vegans and those who feed them. VegNews, September/October 2011 Packed with science yet never boring, Norris and Messina-both long-time vegans themselves-put their wealth of knowledge at your fingertips while putting to rest any nutritional issues that concern those aspiring to a plant based-diet...No vegan myth goes unbusted...Vegan for Life is a complete reference guide that deserves a spot in your library or kitchen. Texas Kitchen (blog), 8/21/11 Vegan for Life is full of helpful charts that show specific nutrients found in numerous fruits, nuts and vegetables. I love how easy this makes it to be sure you are getting the proper nutrition in your Vegan lifestyle. Run Vegan (blog), 8/25/11 A book that is both so encouraging and so incredibly necessary right now. Veggie Voyeur, 9/1/11 Vegan for Life makes going vegan doable. I would definitely recommend this book to vegans, the vegan-curious, and those living with vegan family members. Lone Star Plate, 9/9/11 Beyond setting straight some outdated nutrition information, the book will put to rest most nutrition worries you might have. Cooking the Vegan Books, 8/13/11 Whether you're considering veganism or you're an old hand, Vegan for Life is a book that you won't want to be without. Midwest Book Review, September 2011 Any general lending library catering to vegetarians needs this introductory guide. Norris and Messina have the knowledge, understanding, and experience to tell it like it is about vegan diet. And they do...I'm telling you now! Read This Book! San Francisco Book Review, 10/3/11 Clearly written and easy to understand, this book is a must for both long-term vegans and those just considering such a path. Vegetarian Journal, Vol. 30, Issue 4 Jack Norris and Ginny Messina have produced a highly readable, information-packed book about vegan nutrition...I highly recommend Vegan for Life-for new vegans, established vegans, people curious about vegan diets...It's essential reading! Taste for Life, October issue With this resource, readers learn how to make the transition to a plant-based diet while still getting the nutrition they need. Green Vegan Living blog, 10/9/11 I suggest you read this if you are already a vegan or are contemplating transitioning to a vegan diet. The information is too valuable to pass up., 10/9/11 This book offers a great deal of information and practical suggestions for maintaining a healthy vegan diet. Vegan Things I Like (blog), 10/13/11 It is just well researched, useful information that all vegans need to know to maintain good health and is written in an easy to understand way, filled with tables and great references. Quick & Easy magazine, October 2011 Never before have I ever come across such an excellent, factual book...This book would be great for anyone. I think it would be wonderful for new vegans to start them on the right path. It would also be a great gift to any family members of a vegan who have questions (I know my mother did when I started). It should also be required reading for any longtime vegan, like myself, to make sure that you are getting the most of our diet...Get this book. Seriously... 5 Stars., 11/10/11 If you're a new vegan, or a vegan who might be buying into the hype that a vegan diet is not sustainable, read this book. If you're a vegan who wants a quick resource at your fingertips or the perfect book to hand over to your vegan-curious family member or friend read this book. Vegan for the Win!, 10/28/11 Jack and Virginia know their stuff. The Vegetarian, Winter 2011 Registered dieticians and longtime vegans, Jack Norris and Virginia Messina, debunk some of the most persistent myths about vegan nutrition and provide essential information about getting enough calcium, protein and finding the best supplements...Vegan for Life is the guide for aspiring and veteran vegans alike, complete with an easy-to-use- food chart, tasty substitutes, sample menus and expansive resources. VegNews, 12/19/11 One of the ten best vegan books of 2011...Vegan for Life is a book you will keep for life, and if you follow the advice of RDs Norris and Messina, chances are it will be a long one., 12/23/11 No matter what category you find yourself in, if you are looking for a soup-to-nuts template, bible, road-map, or crystal ball guide to the why's and where-fore of veganism, then Vegan For Life is a must-read...Vegan for Life is one of the most thorough resources for all things vegan on the market...It covers everything about veganism, from Top Ten Myths about Vegan Diets to entire diet nutritional profiles, How to Meet Protein Needs, sample vegan food choice menus, and the importance of inter-relationships between various vitamins and minerals and the food combinations that elicit their greatest nutritional and dietary benefits...Because it leaves no stone unturned, Vegan for Life is an incredible resource that experienced vegan deacons or new vegans still using their vegan training wheels should keep close at hand, and share with vegan curious family and friends., 1/1/12 The most authoritative vegan nutrition book on the planet., 12/28/11 The nutritional information is top-notch...A must read for all vegans. A very valuable guide to healthier living. Positively Vegan, 1/21/12 A great book I think every vegan should have. Metapsychology Online Review, 2/7/12 A great starting point for anyone who wants to become vegan, and an excellent reference even for people who have always followed a vegan diet. FoodCite (blog), 2/7/12 I cannot speak highly enough about this book. It is well researched and well referenced. It doesn't make any claims without substantial scientific (ie. peer-reviewed publications) support and, best of all, it wasn't too preachy about the whole animal thing. Portland Book Review, 2/25/12 If you're an animal lover, this book may be helpful in helping you find a more compassionate way to eat. Complete Yoga (South Africa), April issue Required reading for those wishing to maximize their plant-based diets. Vegan Views (UK), Winter 2011/2012 A welcome and timely addition to [vegan] literature...Vegan for Life provides reliable, evidence-based, common sense advice for anyone following or seeking to follow a vegan diet. The book is clear, concise and easy to read...[and] is both comprehensive and practical, with clearly-presented dietary advice, menu plans and nutrient tables., 4/19 A must-have book., 4/20/12 A very comprehensive book...[with] a lot of detailed and interesting information on how to eat healthy while on a vegan diet. Today's Dietitian, May 2012 An interesting, easy-to-read, and extremely informative resource...Vegan for Life is a fantastic educational guide and resource for new or seasoned vegans alike. In addition, it's a great resource for dieticians who wish to promote aspects of a plant based diet to clients, whether vegans or omnivores.,10/2/12 An impressive primer on veganism for the vegan-curious and even those practicing. It takes a measured, scientific approach to the vegan lifestyle, thoroughly but clearly answering many questions beginners may have...Succinct and very accessible...A must-have for anyone looking to go veg.