The Total Food Allergy Health and Diet Guide

Every year, millions of people have an allergic reaction to food - while thankfully most cause mild symptoms, some food allergies can trigger very serious, even life-threatening situations. Some people are lucky and outgrow their allergies but for many, these allergies become a lifelong challenge. While there is no cure for food allergies, the allergic reactions can be managed through strict avoidance of certain foods and early detection and/or diagnosis.

This comprehensive book is the ideal guide for anyone who is managing a food allergy/allergies and intolerances and also for anyone who suspects they might be affected by an allergy and requires the necessary information for verification. The information uses a straightforward easy-to-follow approach: Part 1: What Are Food Allergies and Intolerances? Understanding the immune system and how food allergies and intolerances develop; Manifestations of food allergies and intolerances; Diagnosing food allergies and sensitivities. Part 2: Nutritional Management of Food Allergies and Sensitivities: The top 10 food allergens: peanut and tree nut, seafood (fish and shellfish), milk allergy and lactose intolerance, egg, soy, wheat, sesame seed, sulphite, mustard seed plus gluten, corn, fruits and vegetables and food additives. Part 3 & Part 4: Meals Plans including 30-day allergy-free meal plan which includes nutritional analysis plus 150 recipes specifically geared to maintaining an allergy-free lifestyle. Practical and informative, this book will be an indispensable guide for anyone interested in learning about and ultimately managing food allergens and intolerances.